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GPU Technology Conference 2018 - Deep Learning becoming reality

April 10, 2018 /Awakedata/Technology

Second year in a row, Awakedata was at the Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley in March to explore new  innovations based on deep learning using GPU. For last year’s coverage, please refer to ink

Compared with GTC 2017, we are seeing increasing number of real-life scenarios and problems that are being addressed with deep learning based applications. To name a few, medical image processing, oil field predictive maintenance, pipeline inspection analysis, railway track faults detection, construction site safety monitoring, crack detection, smart parking, etc.. All these applications serve a common goal: to make the world smarter.

To put this into perspective, we are at a changing point where AI based assistant is booming. In particular, in the industrial area, numerous scenarios like production safety and intelligent manufacturing are getting more and more attention. And this is where Awakedata comes to play. With its expertise and talents, Awakedata is well positioned to help factories to build AI assistants for smarter management and manufacturing.

Awakedata is on the right track to be an AI based enterprise solution provider. With new deep learning based industrial applications being developed, Awakedata is expanding its knowledge and influence in the industrial area.