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When Google Cloud meets Enterprise

March 25, 2017 /William Zhong/Technology

Google Cloud Next 2017, one of the most important conferences from Google, which differs from other Google conferences in its enterprise focus, was held March 8-10 of this year in San Francisco. Since Google started its venture into enterprise arena, the conference has got more attention, as evidenced by more than doubling the size of attendees from last year’s to 10,000, with Awakedata being one of them.

In the enterprise field, Google is late comer compared to AWS, but it cleverly uses its advantage in AI and machine learning, one of the most promising technologies of future computing, to steer toward its own direction. It opens up a series of API/services to allow customers to use its machine learning and AI to build vertical solutions in specific sector and domain. However, most of the vendors in the exhibit are still mainly providing more traditional cloud solutions than AI/machine specific solutions, or maybe they do, just behind the scene. Nevertheless, this definitely enables lots of new start-ups to provide services that could only be dreamed of before, by leveraging the giant’s power.

The advancement in enterprise cloud computing also brings us another potential change to how we run business, of which I think might revolutionize the operation of the enterprise. This new class of enterprise automates its operation completely based on existing SasS/PasS offering, thus allows them to reduce operation cost dramatically and devote most of their resources to their main business. It is a good time to build a company like this.

Time flied and the 3-day pack event came to an end. Google is clearly in the right direction. Next year we would anticipate to see more AI focus companies.

The journey continues …