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GPU Technology Conference 2017 - What is next for Deep Learning?

May 18, 2017 /Awakedata/Technology

Awakedata was at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley last week to explore recent innovations and discoveries of GPU-based deep learning.

Ground-breaking advances are happening across a variety of AI applications specifically on deep learning, including image classification, video analytics, speech recognition, and natural language processing. These breakthroughs will help Awakedata realize more possibilities of intelligent video analysis.

We probably all have heard about self-driving cars, AR and VR, the recent innovations in GPU-based supercomputing that enable deep learning, natural language processing. The technological breakthroughs in these fields are not only changing the ways we perceive the world, but also making our cities smarter.

How do we make cities smarter? Each city has a huge amount of video surveillance data from different sources, which needs to be monitored continuously. And in the case of emergencies, the video data needs to be identified and analyzed immediately in order to determine the appropriate responses. It is not possible for human beings to process all the video data due to the sheer volume. Video analytics with deep learning will not only be able to process the data continuously, but also learn to do it more efficiently. Intelligent video analysis will help cities to provide better service and security to city residents.

Awakedata is among the leaders who bring the most recent innovations of IoT and video analysis with deep learning. We are currently developing a practical application of AI enabled video analysis in the industrial environment. We are excited about this opportunity to bring a product from concept to reality in order to generate tangible impacts in the real world.