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Cloud+Data NEXT Conference

October 03, 2017 /Awakedata/Technology

Awakedata attended Cloud+Data Next Conference in Seattle on September 16th, 2017. This conference continued our industry-wide exploration of the next opportunities at AI NEXT Conference in March. Leading players in AI, including Microsoft, Google, Huawei, IBM, Uber, shared their breakthrough solutions and products utilizing the recent advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, as well as their vision for the emerging sector.

Artificial Intelligence was the focal point at AI NEXT Conference in March. This time, the conference focused on Big Data and Cloud solutions. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data serve as solid foundation for the information industry, and either is dispensable to build feasible solutions. Last time at AI NEXT Conference, we explored what can be potentially solved by AI. This time, we explored how we can utilize AI to solve problems on the Big Data and Cloud platform.

To quote Bob R., VP of Cloud at IBM, “Data is a gold mine; platform is a tool to mine the data ‘gold’.” Big Data and Cloud Computing seem to be overheated topics for a while. As one of the leading players in the sector, Awakedata sees great opportunities utilizing the platform to bring creative solutions.

Interestingly, Bob R. also mentioned that many companies do not have other choices other than the Cloud platform, which is “a one size fits all” solution. This is also a pain point for the market that we are focused on. Awakedata has developed a solution that integrates our Video Data Analysis All-In-One Machine and Cloud Platform, precisely because that we have seen this market opportunity.