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GPU Powered Deep Learning for Real-Time Video Analytics. Anywhere. Anytime.

Targeting at various industries, Awakedata built and trained deep learning safety models with vast amount of industry video data. With the deployment of the trained models, our real-time video analytics AI platform is able to automatically monitor safety incidents, and ensures industrial safety by lowering industrial accidents, allow our customers to increase worksite safety and reduce cost. Typical customer scenarios

Safe Production Scenario Smart Factory Scenario Security Scenario Other Scenarios
• High temperature or pressure gas leak from tanks and pipes
• Failure to wear hardhat in operating areas
• Fire and smoke
• Steam leak
• Smoking in restricted areas
• Automatic patrolling and registration of personnel
• Trespassing into factory
• Failure to wear protective equipment in labs
• Vehicle counting in parking lot and garage
• Parked vehicles in no-parking areas
• Tracking incident with multiple cameras and screens
• Instant image search in vast amount of data
• Trespassing and crowd counting

• Image serial number of instruments and equipment; reading of special labelling
• Analysis of special objects in industrial environment
• Structural analysis and categorization of images