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Deep Technology Exchange Toronto

June 06, 2017 /Fang Wei/Technology

Awakedata was thrilled to attend Deep Technology Exchange Conference on May 30th and 31st in Toronto,an annual event bringing entrepreneurs, industry, investors together with exclusively focus on deep learning and AI technology. We had in-depth discussions on how AI and machine learning can solve real problems in the industrial environment and more. In addition, we made deep connections and engaged in meaningful conversations about the future of deep technology with investors and innovative start-up companies.

This event was well attended by investors and start-up companies in Digital Health, Cleantech, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics. Investors from Canada, US and China showed great interest in the possibility of technology to create more value to solve big problems for businesses. It has never been a better time to invest and develop solutions in the space of deep technology.

Canada is becoming more attractive to both investors and high-tech start-ups. In addition to significant investment from the Government of Canada to drive innovation, commercialization and skills development for the technology sector, investors have developed stronger interests in investing in Canada’s high-tech start-up companies. In general, Canada has never been so attractive in terms of the environment for talents, investments and government support.

In addition, start-up companies in the technology sector have focused more on adopting advanced technology in the traditional sectors to bring innovative solutions to some of the biggest problems. We are excited to hear about how AI powered platforms can increase the efficiencies and cut costs for the construction sector, as well as how machine learning can enable the health care sector to provide proactive treatment to save more lives. There are numerous opportunities to integrate deep technology into solving these complex business issues.

Awakedata is proud to be amongst the innovative start-ups to focus on solving real problems that impact industries and their employees. We believe in the power of technology and our mission is to bring the most recent technological advancement into reality to better our lives. We have made significant progress on that front, and will continue to improve our solutions further with the collaboration of our customer base.