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AI Next , Potential and Opportunity of AI

April 02, 2017 /Awakedata/Development

We were at AI Next Conference in Seattle to meet great innovators and entrepreneurs who got together to envision the future of artificial intelligence. The creative minds from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Huawei, Zillow and Alibaba were all here to share their insights on the potential and real opportunities of AI.

From talking phones to self-driving cars, AI has arrived in our lives. When was the last time that you were trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix on a Saturday night? You probably noticed that the recommended movies are all quite interesting to you. The reason that Netflix is able to provide relevant suggestions to you is exactly because of AI applications.

AI is here to make our lives better and help us make better decisions. At AI Next Conference, we looked at real opportunities of AI so that we can solve real problems, in order to help us work smarter, learn faster, live better, and connect more. For example, AI applications on speech separation will enable us to talk like a normal person in the middle of a noisy market, and will enable people who need hearing aids to hear the world as it is.

AWAKEDATA shares the vision of all the great minds at AI Next Conference on the next AI opportunity. We are here to solve real business problems and innovate AI-based solutions to provide insights and enhance productivity for your business. Currently we are working on refining a solution that, through deep learning, can easily turn your video data into the intelligence that you need. We are proud to be part of the AI leaders to create a better future for you and your business.